Saturday, March 12, 2016

You need to be preregistered?

Well, no.

But please, pretty please, register as early as you can.

This is not a necessity. We will turn away no one at the door (unless we start breaking the fire code numbers; that would be incredible). If you're Neil Gaiman and want to keep it a surprise that you're attending LaffCon1, well, by all means, please do surprise us on the morning of June 4th. Everyone else, please register now if you think that you'll make it.

Pre-registration is encouraged! It is preferred.

From the original lovely poster found here:

"Registration is preferred and begins May 2, 2016. Participants must register online. Go to, click on the "Program" tab at the top of the page. Click "Adult Programs" and register for LaffCon1."

Why is it preferred?

Quite simply, because it'll be nice to have a rough head count of how many are planning on attending so that we can provide a better experience by doing things right like ordering enough refreshments!

We've obviously opened up the registration earlier than May 2. If you go to the page today, change the month box to June and you'll have an easier time finding LaffCon. A big THANK YOU to all of you who register early!

Go to Click the Program tab near the top of the page. Click Adult Programs from the drop down menu. Change the month to June by using the month box near the top of the page. See LaffCon1? Click on that beautiful little "Register" button to reserve your space now. There are many spaces available. :-)

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