Wednesday, May 9, 2018

LaffCon3 Program Schedule

June 9th, 2018. 10am-5pm. 

10am-10:45am "Made Up Entirely of Glowing Geniuses": RA Lafferty's Radical Theories on Human Intelligence
by Andrew Ferguson

11am-11:45am Lafferty’s Zarathustra: Not to Mention Camels
by Gregorio Montejo

12p-1p Lunch Break
featuring everyone's favorite free pizza

1p-1:45p Religion, Politics, More: Past Master panel discussion
w/Robert Bee, Samuel Tomaino, Nancy Lebovitz, and Darrell Schweitzer

2p-2:45p The Snuffles Literary Podcast: A live recording of the Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast featuring hosts G.L. McDorman and Brandon Budda with guest Gregorio Montejo

3p-3:45p Biographical Notes II: Audifax O'Hanlon, Lafferty, Legacy
Andrew Mass will be there with new footage. Andrew Ferguson will be grilled regarding the bio. Kevin Cheek of Ktistec Press will be in attendance and can update us on Ktistec Press plans. In addition to biographical and documentary discussion, this will be a time to discuss Lafferty publishing, past, present and future.

4p-4:45p National Kick-a-Pigeon Day Celebration
The LaffCon Planning Committee would like to apologize for neglecting this important holiday the past two years. We plan to make up for it this year with strenuous pigeon-kicking. This is the unwinding part of the con, an informal panel involving everyone at the con. If you have anything to say about Lafferty, say it here. If you want to read some Lafferty, read it now.

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5pm Supper
It's not free like lunch, but many of us go out to a local restaurant for food and refreshments after the con is over. Anyone in attendance is welcome to join us.

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