Registration for Laffcon2 is encouraged but not a necessity. We will turn away no one at the door (doors open at 10:00 A.M.).  

That said, a rough count of those planning to attend will help provide a better conference experience by helping us plan amenities like refreshments and Lafferty swag ("Is there such a thing as Lafferty swag?" you ask. We're certainly working on it.)

Registration for LAFFCON2 is now Open.
Click here for a direct link.

Or, if you're the type who prefers long strolls through the park, then take the scenic route with the following steps:

1) Go to the library website at
2) Point your mouse at PROGRAMS toward the top of the page
3) Click ADULT PROGRAMS from the dropdown
4) Change "All Months" at the top to "June" and Laffcon will pop right up
5) Click Register and fill out the short form*

*Any personal registration information you provide is considered private, for use only in the planning of this event, and will not be shared with other agencies or individuals.

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