Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Certainly dead men cast shadows. That's what history is about." -R.A. Lafferty

"All writers should be funny-looking and all stories should be funny."
-R.A. Lafferty

LaffCon1 is over. We are grateful that so many people showed up and that so many people expressed so much joy. Thank you all for playing with us in the enormous shadow of Ray Lafferty. 

Intelligent conversation does not need to be dull. I think that we were mostly successful in keeping things funny throughout the day. I know that we were mostly funny-looking, at least as evidenced in our group photo.

There has been a demand for the booklets. These booklets were made as thank you gifts for those who supported the con by being there. But there are many of you who could not be there for many good reasons. You have asked for the booklet. They are available now to be purchased at cost. As ever in Ktistec Press endeavors, we make no money on this. We have invested much and only hope for a return in many Lafferty fans continuing the conversation.

The booklet is still intimately tied to the con. It does not make sense apart from the con. Yet it can still be enjoyed as is. Specifically, the full color illustrations by Lissanne, Andrew, and Gregorio can be found in print nowhere else.

Find it here:

What I ask is that, if you buy this booklet, you also buy a couple more titles by those talented individuals who have freely contributed to the booklet...

Chasing the Pheonix by Michael Swanwick
Not So Much, Said the Cat by Michael Swanwick

Speaking of the Fantastic II by Darrel Schweitzer
Scweitzer MegaPack

If you need a distraction from your concentrated Lafferty reading, these are the distractions for you.


We also have some audio!

There may be more eventually; Right now, we definitely have some good audio from the "Lafferty Studies" panel at LaffCon1.

Check it out here:

More than anything, all of us involved in "Lafferty Studies" hope for more and more participation. If you are reading Lafferty thoughtfully, we want your contributions.

Check out Feast of Laughter:

Please, please, please. Continue reading Lafferty. Please, please, please. Write about Lafferty. And when you do, send those written submissions to Feast of Laughter.

Or, even better, start your own Lafferty journal. Shut us down completely.

We welcome any and all complementary and competitive research. All that we care about is that R.A. Lafferty's work is preserved and understood and brought forward into the future.

There is still much work to be done.

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