Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"I’m almost afraid to find what idiocy Freddy has busted this time."

LaffCon2 is happening.

Mark your calendars.

June 10th, 2017.

This next year, we're planning on diving deep into a close reading of Lafferty's Fourth Mansions.

There will be more than that at the con, but not less. Fourth Mansions talk will be the main event.

Unfortunately, Fourth Mansions is no longer in print (though a digital edition is available outside of the U.S.) and affordable secondhand copies have become scarce. Take our word for it; it's a book worth splurging on. Buy a copy. Read it multiple times. Write every day to the Locus Science Fiction Foundation and let them know that you want to see print copies right now so that you can buy copies for yourselves and for your family and friends.

We are open to any and all ideas for discussion.

Some possible topics/panels:

Kevin Cheek (yes, that famous West Coast Feast of Laughter editor!) on the form and function of repetition as narrative device in Fourth Mansions.

Gregorio Montejo on Lafferty's "mystical epistemology" via Teresa of Avila.

Daniel Otto Jack Petersen (if we can get him to cross the Atlantic again) on integrating the monsters before they integrate you.

YOU on your favorite aspect of Fourth Mansions.

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  1. Harvester's mark and the Slytherins, and all. The mysterious similarities between Harry Potter and Fourth Mansions (or, if it is referencing interior castles, why does Harry have the Harvester mark. Hmmmm.....)