Friday, May 31, 2019

E For Everyone: An Alternate Poster

LAFFCON, R A Lafferty
Photo courtesy of Robert Bee

One week from tomorrow LAFFCON4 will take place at the Mercer County Library Headquarters Branch, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

The library has graciously hosted all four years of this event, coordinated by the wonderful Robert Bee [Rob was recently promoted to manager of a different library location. Congratulations Rob!]

When making this year's poster, we needed to be conscious of the fact that the library hangs a large copy near the main entrance, several weeks prior to the event. For this reason, with The Reefs of Earth illustration being a little on the spooky side (though, arguably, no spookier than your average Goosebumps cover), we voluntarily created a lighter, alternate version of the LAFFCON4 poster. All the dead birds were removed, and irises were added to the main character. 

Still creepy, but not as creepy.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone on June 8th. =)

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