Thursday, May 23, 2019

LAFFCON4 - Event Schedule

This year LAFFCON takes place Saturday, June 8th from 10am-5:00pm. Here is the day's schedule:

"Virtue Forever Green: Twelve Years On the Trail of R.A. Lafferty." Speaker: Andrew Ferguson

High Purpose of the Gallant Band: The Reefs of Earth Panel (Panelists: Andrew Ferguson, Matt Keeley, & Sam Tomaino)

Lunch Break (pizza provided by the Mercer County Friends of the Library)

A Live Recording of The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast featuring the short story "Nine Hundred Grandmothers"

"Lafferty in New York: The Impure Science of Publishing." Speaker: Matt Keeley

"They Nipped on Stolen Whiskey and Told Stories: A Public Reading." Orator: Gregory Feeley

How We Read Lafferty: A Panel Discussion. Panelists: Kevin Cheek, Lissanne Lake, Nancy Leibovitz, Darrell Schweitzer, and Sam Tomainio

It is a LAFFCON tradition that after the event attendees meet up at a local restaurant for food, drink, and rowdy conversation. Everyone in attendance is invited.

Registration for LAFFCON is free and open to the general public. Click here to register.

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