Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Fresh Ink and The LAFFCON 4 Program Booklet

LAFFCON4 Program Booklet Cover
Our shipment of the LAFFCON4 program booklets has arrived and we're happy with the results. Each attendee to LAFFCON, on June 8th, will receive a copy along with some "secret" swag.
Full color interior artwork and photographs
This is our largest program booklet to date (43 pages).
This year's contents include:
  • An Introduction by Anthony Ryan Rhodes, "LAFFCON: A Cure for Earth Sickness"
  • "Of Winding Stairs and Webworms: A Visit to Lafferty's Letters and Landscapes" by Daniel Otto Jack Peterson
  • An Introduction to "Continued on Next Rock" by Gregory Feeley
  • Winning poetry from the first ever Bagarthach Verse Contest
  • "Memories of Tarshish: The Game that Nearly Was" by Warren Brown
  • An Introduction to Fourth Mansions by Kevin Cheek
  • "How Lafferty Wrote" by Andrew Ferguson
  • And new works of art by Lissanne Lake, Yakov Varganov, Bill Rogers, and Anthony Ryan Rhodes
 After the event the booklet will be made available online via Amazon for those who were unable to attend on the day.

Registration for LAFFCON is now open and free to the general public.

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